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Exif Data Zoom Tonight one of my coworkers told me I look like Morello from Orange is the New Black. Best compliment everrrr.

Tonight one of my coworkers told me I look like Morello from Orange is the New Black. Best compliment everrrr.

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When a customer asks if they can buy dances from you at a higher rate than you even charge.


So I told my manager about that blog taking screenshots and videos of our live cams and she called up tumblr and had their blog deleted. I fucking love my manager. 

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thanks for telling everyone dumbass

oh I am NOT in the mood for putting up with this PISSANT BULLSHIT

the website is for customers to view our club live, that’s the whole point, i’m not telling anyone about anything they don’t already know about

I AM however, exposing people who are abusing that privilege in a way that could be potentially dangerous or awful for the girls who don’t want their presence known outside of people specifically going to that website as clients - for their online presence to be anything more than ephemeral. 

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Badass blog.

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secret diary of a call girl is a good, sex work-positive movie then?

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It’s a television series based on books written by an actual call girl. Yes. I highly recommend both. 

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SO I logged on to tell you guys how excited I was because I just found out my neighbor across the hall from me’s boyfriend was a male stripper down in miami and we both just acknowledged we were strippers tonight and it was awesome and hilarious…

But when I logged on I found out that this blog, strippersrus, has been going onto my club’s website and taking screenshots and videos of our live cams. On the one hand it’s free to view those cams but only if you sign up for an account…. it does not say anywhere on there that we’re cool with you broadcasting us all over tumblr. Some of the girls here don’t tell their families they dance. The video feed is for customers, not for you to fucking out us as dancers all over the internet for your own sick enjoyment. 

If you’re reading this, take that shit down and go fuck yourselves. 

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currently lookin 4 a sugar daddy that doesnt wanna do any sexual stuff but just buys me everything i want and tells me im cute

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I have a question and I swear I'm not trying to sound like a bigot or a asshole, but are you currently only working as a stripper to pay off for college, or as to make extra money? (I don't care if you're doing this because you truly enjoy it, your body, your choice.)

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I finished college nearly two years ago.  Stripping is my job.

And I’m not stripping for “extra” money.  Stripping is my only income, other than the rare paid modeling gig once every month or two.  I’m doing it because it’s fun, I make good money for the most part, and I’m not tired of it yet.

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